Is the Raw Vegan Diet a Cure-All? Science Proven Benefits & Pitfalls

John from shares a recently published study about the raw vegan diet that proves the benefits and pitfalls of the diet.

In this episode, John will go over this study and share his thoughts on how to succeed at being a raw vegan for 28 years.

You will learn why a raw vegan diet can fail people. You will learn how a raw vegan diet can improve your health and heal certain diseases.

You will discover the limitations of science and John’s opinions of the published study as well as his thoughts on how you can change your approach and succeed on a raw vegan diet in the long run without any deficiencies.

Jump to the following parts of this episode:
00:00 Episode Starts
00:33 How long have I been eating raw?
01:30 My Opinion on Scientific Evidence
02:12 Watch out for Raw Vegan Dogma
03:05 Raw Veganism Published Study
04:30 Summary of Study
05:45 Why do plant-based diets work?
07:30 Why do people eat raw vegan?
09:29 Don’t do this on a Raw Vegan Diet or You will Fail Long-Term
11:58 Raw Vegan Diet Has Benefits Proven By Science
13:45 Why do people on a raw vegan diet lose weight?
14:34 Does being raw vegan improve your mental quality or make it worse?
15:24 Raw Vegan Diets and Teeth Benefits
16:41 Summary of benefits of raw vegan diet based on the science
17:49 Problems with Raw Vegan Diet According to the Science
19:20 Disadvantages of Raw Vegan Diet
21:58 My B12 levels
22:29 Conclusions of Published Study about Raw Vegan Diet
23:05 My Thoughts on the Study & Raw Vegan Diet
24:15 Digestive Leukocytosis and Raw Foods
25:41 How many raw vegans are 90s-100?
26:36 What do people in Blue Zones Eat?
27:14 My Thoughts on What to Eat
29:00 Why people go ex-raw vegan

After watching this episode, you will learn what published science says about the raw vegan diet as well as John’s thoughts and opinions so you can succeed on a long-term raw vegan diet.

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Published Study:

#### Summary
– A study on a raw vegan diet and its effects on health was reviewed.
– The study found that a raw vegan diet with more than 90% raw food is not recommended for a long time due to micronutrient deficiencies and related complications.
– Adherence to a vegetarian diet has been shown to control and reduce chronic diseases.
– Processed foods are considered unhealthy, while unprocessed foods are encouraged for their essential nutrients.
– Raw vegetarians believe that not heating food above a certain temperature can improve digestion, but there is no scientific explanation to support this claim.
– The more restrictive the raw vegan diet, the more likely nutrient deficiencies and long-term problems may occur.
– The study also found that a raw vegan diet can have benefits in terms of cardiometabolic risk factors and weight loss.

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