The REAL REASON Why the Raw Vegan Diet Works that They Don’t Tell You

John from who has been living on a raw vegan diet since 1995 shares his thoughts on the reasons why the raw vegan diet works to help people lose weight, reverse their health opportunities, and get results.

In this episode, John will share his observations on why the raw vegan diet works after living this lifestyle for 29 years now. You will learn that the diet works because it is a LOT more than just raw. Many factors make it one of the healthiest diets in the world to eat that can help reverse disease and help you lose weight and achieve your other health goals.

You will discover the primary and secondary reasons why the raw vegan diet works and learn if it is “raw” is the main reason why it works.

You will learn the best ways to process your foods to maximize your nutrition in the foods you are preparing raw to maximize the nutrition of the food you are eating.

John will share each one of the reasons why the raw vegan diet works and share his commentary and thoughts about it.

Jump to the following parts of this episode:
00:00 Episode Starts
00:12 My Story How I Cut Myself
01:37 Does the raw vegan diet work because it’s raw?
02:35 Primary and Secondary Reasons Why Raw Vegan Diet Works
02:46 Primary Reasons Why It Works
02:48 Not Eating Processed Foods
04:15 Eating WHOLE FOOD
05:30 Raw and Minimally Processed
07:00 Ways to Process Food Better or Worse
10:55 Secondary Reasons Why Raw Vegan Works
11:19 No longer eating Trigger Foods
12:09 Increased Fiber Consumption
13:57 Food is Not Heated above 118 and has Enzymes
15:30 Are Enzymes good or bad?
17:14 Focused on Fruits and Vegetables
18:10 I do not advocate for a fruit diet
18:58 Micronutrient Rich / Phytonutrients / Vitamins and Minerals
21:30 Life Force / Biophotons in Food
23:26 Water Rich / Is Hydrating
25:34 Don’t Eat Dehydrated Raw Foods!
26:00 Is Nutrient and low calorie
27:03 The Raw Vegan Diet doesn’t work because it’s ONLY RAW
27:55 Why I Eat Heat-Processed Food Now
28:20 Are My Purple/Red Potatoes Healthy?
30:20 Do you want to stay in Raw Vegan Dogma?
32:00 Healing Benefits are From More than Just Raw

After watching this episode, you will learn the real reasons why the raw vegan diet works that other influencers will not tell you or are too short-sided to realize. You will learn how to choose foods that are best aligned with your health, healing, and happiness.

Special thanks to Dr. Jameth Sheridan who originally shared this concept at a raw vegan conference I attended many years ago.

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