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Meal Preparation
This tortoise Eating Cucumber, though watching Here try to eat a stack of Cucumbers —well, Cucumbers , really—somehow is even cuter. You’ll laugh seeing him try to attack and munch on the yummy treats, and soon enough, you’ll be wanting one, too.

Tortoise Feeding Time – High protein vegan meal prep
Morning Routine with my Pets | Feeding my Tortoise Breakfast
Since our tortoises don’t have the luxury to run to the kitchen and grab a snack, we have to be careful about what to feed them. The nutritional needs between tortoises varies between species so in this video we’ll delve deep into the subject. We look at what they can eat, how much, how often and what foods they should avoid.

Tortoises live in so many types of environments with different sources of foods available to them, it’s hard to give a general rule for what they can eat as a whole. Because of the wide variety of species and natural environments (and age-related needs, too), there’s some research involved in making sure your tortoise gets the right diet at the right stage of life.

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Tortoise eating crunchy food asmr :
Tortoise Eating Vegetables :
Tortoise Eating Extreme Crunchy Food:
Tortoise Eating ASMR Green Food vs Red Foods:
ASMR Tortoise Eating Purple Food vs Green Food:
Sulcata Tortoise Eating Watermelon:
Sulcata Tortoise Love Sweet Potato :
The Bears Loves Cucumbers :

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