“I almost died on my vegan diet” – plant-based nutritionist discussion

Camilla and Kayla, plant-based naturopaths and nutritionists, explore the hot topic of ill health and fad diets within the vegan community. They shed light on why some vegans might encounter health challenges and unveil key factors that play a role in ensuring optimal health while on a plant-based diet.

This is just a short excerpt specifically talking about highly restrictive diets which are dangerously advised by influencers. A whole food plant-based diet has been determined to be healthy (and often preventative to chronic disease risk) by the most major dietetics associations for every stage of the lifespan when balanced to meet caloric and nutritional needs, and appropriately supplemented with B12.

There are many reasons why people sometimes do not thrive on a plant-exclusive diet- some of the most common include not eating enough of the foods they need to provide the nutrients required, not supplementing where needed, or consuming insufficient calories to meet their needs.
Kayla and Camilla share that it is nobody’s fault- 99.9% of us are not brought up learning how to eat this way in a way compatible with long-term health and support is frequently needed.

Additionally, there are many other factors for somebody experiencing poor health aside from diet- there can be lack of social support, the nocebo effect of people telling you things that are scientifically verifiably untrue (such as that we NEED animal protein). There are also other lifestyle factors, possibly underlying diseases, or even factors like personal and epi-gentic trauma which play huge roles in our health aside from diet. Various underlying disease states can make it hard to tolerate the high fibre from plant foods; these can be addressed with the appropriate healthcare. There is no physiological necessity for a human to consume animal products.

Kayla and Camila’s mission as plant-based health professionals is to support people in the most holistic way possible to help them thrive whilst making a positive impact on the world and animals around them.

In the full episode (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5goBKo-4Hio), join our host Camilla Brinkworth as she meets fellow vegan naturopath Kayla Williams from Kollective Wellness.

In this enlightening interview, Camilla and Kayla candidly share their journeys towards embracing a compassionate vegan lifestyle. They unveil the motivations behind their profound commitment to living a healthy plant-based life.

Drawing from their extensive expertise, these seasoned vegan naturopaths dispel common misconceptions surrounding a vegan lifestyle and share evidence-based insights on crafting a balanced and nourishing plant-based diet. They unveil the secrets to overcoming potential nutritional pitfalls and offer practical tips to safeguard long-term health while embracing veganism.

Throughout the interview, Camilla and Kayla interweave personal anecdotes with evidence-based nutrition advice, making this episode both engaging and informative. Whether you’re a committed vegan enthusiast or just curious about exploring plant-based living, this conversation is sure to leave you inspired and equipped with valuable knowledge to elevate your wellness journey.

Join us for a heartfelt conversation brimming with humour, knowledge, and transformative insights as we embark on a journey towards a healthier and more conscious world. Tune in to PhytoLove and let the empowering wisdom of PhytoLove’s Camilla Brinkworth and Kayla Williams from Kollective Wellness illuminate your path towards embracing the essence of vegan wellness.

Connect with Kayla on Ig @KollectiveWellness and visit her website for plant-based nutrition and naturopathy consultations here: https://www.kollectivewellness.com.au/

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