Vanlife Breakdown | Harsh Reality | What Now?

Our first vanlife reality check, but we managed to keep positive and use the waiting for recovery time to our advantage..

We always knew something would happen at some point (why wouldn’t it?) but we are so grateful that it happened now and not when we go full time in few months and stuck up a mountain or in a serious situation …. We decided to hang out for the evening as we were in safe location and would deal with the situation in the morning….

Hang out with us as we deal with our first drama of vanlife, using it to our advantage and not letting a serious situation bring us down.

Again, we would like to say thank you to Ben the recovery man for getting Luna home safely, and a massive thank you to all of you guys for all the supportive comments on our social media platforms, it really does mean a lot to us.. We are still looking at our options for getting her fixed and hope to be back on the road really soon. In the meantime we will still have videos coming weekly , from our favourite van hacks to vegan cookery and more..

So until next time, keep safe out there and safe travels.

Billie and Steve 🐶☯️🤘

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