Is Natto Vegan? Vegetarian? The Ultimate Answer

Is natto 100% plant-based?

If you are vegan, you might wonder about that.

Then, this is a video for you.

In this video, I am answering this question and explaining whether you should incorporate natto into your diet or not.

You’ll also find this book useful.
Natto Unleashed: The Secret Japanese Superfood that Will Revolutionize the Western Diet

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Natto Unleashed

I Regret Ignoring Natto: 7 Health Benefits You Need to Know

Sachiaki Takamiya is a writer and the creator of Ikigai Diet and Ikigai Bio-Hacking. He has authored a range of books, with one of his better-known works being the spiritual adventure novel, Ten-jo-no-Symphony, published in Japanese by Kodansha in 2006. His contributions in English include The Ikigai Diet, and Ikigai Bio-Hacking.

He embraces a sustainable lifestyle in a serene town in Shiga Prefecture, growing his own vegetables and crafting fermented foods. In 2018, he innovatively translated this lifestyle into a diet, thus birthing the Ikigai Diet. In 2022, he further enriched this diet, transforming it into a holistic health approach called Ikigai Bio-Hacking.

Homemade natto has been a staple of his diet for nearly a decade, holding a central role in the Ikigai Diet. Embracing this passion for natto, he donned the moniker ‘Natto King’ in 2022 and began disseminating natto-related insights via his YouTube channel, the Ikigai Diet.

His health-focused lifestyle has certainly paid dividends. Despite being in his early 60s, he consistently receives clean bills of health.

About the Ikigai Diet Channel

The Ikigai Diet: The Secret Japanese Diet to Health and Longevity

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Ikigai Bio-Hacking: Bio-Hacking Based on Japanese Natural Health

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Japanese superfoods list

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