Antioxidant-Rich Summer Drink- Anti-inflammatory Green Juice Recipe

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Peace Divinez

In this video, I share a delicious antioxidant rich, and nutritious juice for overall health. I can’t imagine how good this bad boy would’ve been on ice, okay, lol. Remember to have fun and substitute for the ingredients you prefer. For all my new subscribers, I welcome you with luv to the Montauk Av Family and I am grateful to share this journey together. Muuuah, I luv you my precious Divinez and remember you are more amazing than this lovely juice, and this juice is Divine, lol, peace Divinez:-)

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Super Berry Green Ginger Juice

2 pears
2 apples
3 tbsps of maqui powder (pronounced Muhkee, But I rather say Mahkee, lol:-)
6 leaves of kale
1 inch piece of ginger (I luv ginger so much, lol)


You can throw in some red colored fruits!

Wash your fruits and veggies. Cut your fruits and veggies accordingly for your juicer. Follow your manufacturer’s instructions for your juicer. In this video, I am using the lovely Nama J2 Juicer. Proceed to place your lovely living foods into your juicer accordingly! Strain your lovely juice and pour that bad boy on some ice, lol. Be joyful for honoring your Divine Temple with living nourishment! Remember, you are amazing and abundantly blessed, muuuah.✨🙏🏾✨

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