The 5 Biggest Vegan Myths: Debunked! / Vegetable Protein, Vitamin Deficiency, Veganism As A Trend

Hello ❤️ Welcome to the Tamriko Lifestyle channel, where I talk about VEGANISM, SELF-LOVE, FASHION, my STYLE and PHILOSOPHY of life.

In this fascinating video, we will break down the most common myths related to veganism. Veganism is gaining popularity as a lifestyle that facilitates compassion for animals and sustainable ecology. However, along with its popularity, several misconceptions and stereotypes have appeared, for example: vegans suffer from a lack of nutrients; plant food is expensive; veganism is a temporary trend and others.

Learn the truth about the Vegan Lifestyle and become more confident in your choice!

Join me, because plant-based nutrition is the best thing you can do for yourself and the world around you!

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