Mike Tyson: Setting the Record Straight on His Vegan Lifestyle 不#shorts

During an interview on the Joe Rogan podcast, boxer Mike Tyson discussed his experience with a vegan diet and his decision to no longer follow it. Here is a description of the interview:

Mike Tyson confirmed that he is no longer vegan and has returned to eating meat

He mentioned that he had been vegan for a few years but stopped a few months ago

Tyson explained that he found eating kale, vegetables, and blueberries to be insufficient for his dietary needs

He stated that his vegan diet was not healthy for his blood type

Tyson now consumes a lot of elk and bison meat

The interview with Joe Rogan provided a platform for Tyson to discuss his transition away from veganism and the benefits he perceives from eating meat

Tyson’s decision to abandon his vegan diet was influenced by his preparation for a boxing comeback

It is important to note that this information is based on the search results and may not capture the full context of the interview. For a more comprehensive understanding, it is recommended to listen to the actual podcast episode.

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