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Can you really make Game Changing BBQ without animal products? These vegan chefs sure AF can, and it’s bangin! Perfect for grill weather with loads of HOT tips and recipes to help elevate your summer time bbq grill game coming your way. This bbq plate is a crowd pleaser and is easy enough to be on every bbq menu as the plant based – vegan option.

If you watch to the end you’ll see this is a lead in to another video that is part of @issysedgwick bbq lunch and interview we did for her channel that will be out in a week, so be sure to check out her channel.

Is there a more wicked title option or are you happy with this one we got? Let me know, after you watch which of the below titles would work better or not? .- Mastering vegan BBQ – Vegan BBQ Plate with sides – This bbq option should be on every menu ?

We’re chefs (and we’re vegan) that have been working in commercial kitchens our whole lives. We want you to cook and be in control and when you don’t have time to cook (or don’t want too) we have for your convenience and Plant Based pleasure.

We’ll break this down into 5 parts:
00:00 Intro
01:10 How I properly Seasoning and Smoke Tofu
02:07 Asparagus & Barley Tips
07:02 Grilling Coleslaw
11:30 Assembling BBQ Plate
11:11 Finishing Touches

This can be done with no oil. Most of the oil used in this recipe is for functional reasons.
– To help seasoning stick
– Aids in best cooking practices


Whole Block Barbecue ToFu
BBQ PLATE / two sides

1 Firm Tofu 300g block (original kind, in tray in water) in the U.K. we use
1 Xtra Firm Tofu 450g block (kind that is vac packed), cut in half.
1 TBS oil, to help seasoning stick.
460 ml / 16 oz. BBQ Sauce ( ) or your favorite

5 TBS BBQ seasoning blend (your favorite kind)
3 TBS Pork, chicken or steak seasoning blend
3 TB black pepper
1 TBS Salt, kosher

– In large bowl add tofu and seasonings to fully cover each tofu in seasoning

Garnish to serve with
Onion, sliced into rounds.
Pickles, sliced.

Spring Asparagus Lemon Barley Salad:
1 Cup Barley, toasted and cooked al dente.
400g or 1 bunch Asparagus, grilled, diced.
Dozen Cherry tomatoes, cut into quarters.
1 large shallot, halved and sliced thin.
1 lemon zested & juice.
4 – 5 TBS Olive oil (OPTIONAL)

Handful of parsley, chopped.
2 TBS Thyme, fresh & chopped.
1 TBS Salt, kosher/crystals
1 TBS Black pepper

• Optional additions, pitted chopped Kalamata and diced roasted red pepper

Campfire Cole Slaw
1 Head Cabbage, cut into quarters for grilling, leave stem in to hold together.
1 large Carrot, wafer thin slices on grater.
160g Snow peas/ManGetOut, tip and string removed, chopped.
1 TBS Olive Oil, to coat cabbages (optional – best for when grilling)
Sprinkle of salt, kosher crystals
1 TBS ginger, thin matchstick slices
5 TBS Rice vinegar
5 TBS Mayo, plant based.
2 TBS sriracha or Chili sauce
2 tsp powdered sugar
1 tsp Sesame oil for flavor (OPTIONAL)
1 tsp salt, kosher or to taste.
1 tsp black pepper.

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