Vegetable Juice 3 Ways in Minutes – Ideal Refreshing Summer Drinks | Veggie Juice for Glowing Skin

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Vegetable Juice Recipe | Veggie Juice | Green Vegetable Juice with detailed photo and video recipe. An extremely simple and healthy summer drinks recipe made with a combination of vegetables and other healthy ingredients. These refreshing summer drinks are basically prepared without any sugar or any artificial sweetener and hence an effective healthy beverage. There are numerous ways to prepare veggie juice but this post covers basic and simple 3 types of a simple combination of vegetables.

Vegetable Juice Recipe | Veggie Juice | Green Vegetable Juice with step-by-step photo and video recipe. Summer is around the corner but the temperature has already risen and most of us are looking for healthy beverages. Generally, we end up gulping some store-bought fruit juice assuming it is the best choice for the scorching heat and to relax. Little do we know about the preservatives and amount of sugar used to prepare it. But why not try these homemade healthy vegetable juice as alternatives to these controversial juices?


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