Meal Preparation
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I assure you this one to try! So easy to make and really does taste great.

At under £1 a meal too!

150g split red lentils
100g broccoli
100g mixed vegetables
12g Olive butter
1 Vegetable stock cube

Pour boiling water over 150g of lentils.
Boil for around 10-12 mins on the hob
Add the butter and vegetable cub whilst on the hob for ease (The opposite of what i did)

The longer this is left, the more solid it turns (which is good) if eaten after cooking it will be the consistency of a broth but left to cool and freeze (Like i do) and when reheating will have the consistency of mashed potato. If after freezing and reheating you want the broth texture back, add boiling water after going in the microwave.

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