3 Foods You NEED TO JUICE DAILY to Protect Yourself | Healthy Juice Recipe 🌱

Juice Recipes
β™‘ Get 10% OFF the NAMA JUICER HERE by using the code KRISTINA10 at checkout: https://namawell.com/products/vitality-5800/?ref=fullyrawkristina Offer expires end of March. β™‘ Please note: this video doesn’t claim a CURE for anything. The purpose of this video is to motivate people to focus on their health and preventative measures. Juicing is an amazing way to consume more nutrients and boost your immune system. I believe one of the best ways to empower yourself is to take positive action towards self-care. Don’t be afraid to get creative in the kitchen or to have fun. These are merely MY suggestions for you. I invite you to do your own research and find what other fruits or veggies you might like to juice that have special benefits as well. Thank you for sharing this love for juicing with me. Blessings to you all and much love.

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