My Weight-loss Transformation on a Vegan Lifestyle – How I Did It! (Q&A)

I’m answering your questions about my weight-loss journey, how I lost over 22 lbs (over 10 kg) and got fit and healthy on a vegan lifestyle.

To skip straight to the question that interests you:
1) 1:26 Did you have a workout and nutritional plan before you started?
2) 5:06 Did you change it over time?
3) 7:50 How much of a learning process was it?
4) 9:40 Were you vegan before your weight loss transformation? and how hard was it to go vegan?
5) 13:30 How much of it was exercise and how much was diet?
6) 15:03 Did you cut out oils?
7) 16:02 What time do you train?
8) 18:00 Do you alter your meals so you are having carbs directly after your workout?
9) 18:55 What do you have for breakfast normally?
10) 20:20 Do you follow the starch solution/raw till 4 plans?
11) 23:18 What does your training program look like? Do you lift weights?
12) 26:08 How many times a week do you train?
13) 26:36 What foods did you not touch at all?
14) 27:36 Did you fall off the wagon?
15) 29:04 Did you fast or do juice fasts?
16) 31:42 How strict were you over a year?
17) 33:55 How does a day of food look like for you?


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