DIET: The Most Ignored Answer to COVID?

Public health officials have rightfully focused on distancing and masks but has bad diet been fueling this virus in the US? Could diet help us out? A look at over 30 studies for the answer.
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Mastering Diabetes:

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Does Diet Determine Country Differences?

Redesigning Urban Food Policy:

UK Food Habits:

Italy Food Habits:

France Food Habits:

Various Pre-existing Conditions and Risk:

CDC – 94% Comorbidities:

Italy ISS – Comorbidities:

Percent of US with Pre-existing Conditions:,25%20million%20individuals%20%E2%80%93%20is%20uninsured.

US Obesity Data:

Obesity and Test Positivity:

Public Health Call to Face Obesity:

Mice Obesity Ace2 Mechanism:

Vaccines Less Effective Obesity:

BROAD Study:

Adventist Study with BMI, Diabetes, and Hypertension Numbers:

Diabetes Management Improving:

Vascular Study:

Thrombosis and Diet:

Plant-based Diet and Heart Disease Quote – JACC:

Plant-based Diet Peripheral Artery Disease:


Post Syndrome 1:

Post Syndrome and Diet:  

Particular Nutrients Study with Chart:

Vitamin C Trial – No Compelling Results:

Gut Biome 1:

Gut Biome India:

Respiratory and Gut Biome Study:

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