High Protein Vegan Meal Prep with Waitrose #AD

Meal Preparation
We’ve been partnering with Waitrose since 2016, writing recipes, doing events and they even stock our products in their stores. Today we’re making a high protein vegan meal prep using ingredients from Waitrose. This meal prep is great for anyone unsure of where to get protein as a vegan or someone looking to improve muscle growth and recovery. We’re making 3 super easy meals that you can try all together or even as separate meals if you like making your food as you go. We’ve included all the ingredients and macros below. If you try out the recipes let us know in the comments.

Full recipes below in comments


Sweet Almond and lime curry
21.3% Protein (26g)
31% Carbs
45% Fat

Saag Paneer Vegan
459 cals
20% protein (29g)
47.5% Carbs
32% Fat

Hearty Spanish lentil stew
612 cals
25% protein (38.5g)
46% Carbs
29% Fat

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