Evergreen Green Juice | Miraculous Juice for Weight_Loss and Diabetics | Diabetic Recipes |

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Evergreen Green Juice | Miraculous Juice for Weight_Loss and Diabetics | #Diabetic Recipes |
In this video i’m making a healthy and nutritious Green Juice out of Kale, Carrots, Cucumber Ginger Powder, Pink Himalayan Salt, Black Pepper And some Water.. Kale is very rich in anti-oxidants, Protects eye health,Lowers cholesterol, great for diabetics and a great detox so ideal to include in weight-loss journey as well..Carrots are also a really good pick when it comes to health benefits.. Being a really low cal food it’s packed with nutrients.Rich in anti-oxidants, great for eyes, lowering cholesterol and a great snack to munch on being guilt-free aiding to weight-loss.Cucumbers are great for weight-loss, Diabetics you name it.. it only does good..It hydrates our body..May lower Blood-sugar, rich in anti-Oxidants, great for skin..
Ginger has powerful medicinal properties. Its anti-inflammatory, Boosts immunity, great for Blood-sugar and also you cant beat the taste 😉

So enjoy this powerful health drink and let me know how you feel in the comment box.
I’m no dietician but it has worked for us.. 🙂

Link to Green Smoothie Part 2: https://youtu.be/lhs0NQ_CRD0

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