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In this special episode of The Edgy Veg Candice teams up with Kristen Sarah from Hopscotch the Globe to help you get your carry on under control, vegan style.

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Since both Candice and Kristen are seasoned travelers it only made sense for them to do a side by side bag comparison and talk about what they bring with them and why. We are all too familiar with what a pain it is to fly when you don’t have what you need, this is even more so the case when you happen to be vegan.

The first thing Kristen pulls out of her carry on is a bag of Hemp Heart bites. They are comprised primarily of hemp seeds, coconut oil and cane sugar. According to Kristen they are a really filling snack and great when you get the airplane munchies. The first item Candice pulls out of her carry on is “woolly socks”. Not surprisingly Kristen pulls a pair out of her bag as well. It can get pretty chilly on an airplane, especially during those long flights. There is nothing worse than feeling cold and uncomfortable in the cramped space they give you on the plane for hours on end. Make the smart choice and don’t forget your woolly socks.

Kristen’s next carry on must have item is moisturizer. She uses an all purpose moisturizer, one that’s good for her body, her hands, and most importantly her face. It gets extremely dry on long flights so for Kristen the moisturizer is crucial. Candice’s next carry on item is actually 2 items at once, a packet of chocolate hazel nut butter and a packet of coconut oil. Candice likes to carry little packets of things in general, just in case, and this is no exception. You never know when you might need coconut oil or chocolate hazelnut butter. Kristen abhors the poor excuse they try to pass off as breakfast on a plane partially because it almost always tastes awful but mainly because it’s loaded with bread and she doesn’t do well with gluten. The next item she pulls out of her carry on is the solution to this problem, a packet of Qia. Qia is a quinoa, chia seed and oatmeal combination that you simply add hot water to and it turns into an excellent breakfast.

When it comes to snacking on airplane your options are generally pretty limited. Candice’s next carry on item is one that many passengers rely on, dried fruit. She chose to bring dried pineapple with her because it’s delicious, even going so far as to say it tastes like candy. Coincidentally enough Kristen had a bag of dried pineapple in her carry on as well. Kristen also strongly recommends bringing deodorant in your carry on. There are few things worse than getting stuck next to the “stinky person” on a plane, and you certainly don’t want to be that person. Candice’s next carry on item is a meal replacement bar. She prefers bars that are primarily nut based, cashew being her favorite.

Keep in mind that not all meal replacements bars are created equal so choose wisely. Kristen’s next item is a bottle of natural sleep aids, these are great for helping you get through the inevitable pain of jet lag, and passing the time on flights so long you feel like you’re never going to get there. Candice usually brings melatonin with her as well. Keeping in the vein of meal replacements Candice’s next item is protein powder, in packet form of course. Having a meal replacement on hand that’s vegan friendly is going to be your saving grace when your stomach starts growling around the 4 hour mark on your next flight to Australia.

It’s also important to have a good water bottle, Kristen has one made by a company called Swell that keeps your liquid hot or cold for up to 24 hours. Both ladies pull vegan friendly chocolate bars out of their carry on bags, no surprise there. Who doesn’t like chocolate? Candice also pulls out some actual candy, she isn’t really a big fan of flying but finds it to be a necessity so she packs a lot of comfort food. Kristen’s next carry on pick is a good book.

Candice reminds us all how important it is to remember to pack your vitamins, both ladies pull out a set of earbuds, and Candice reveals even more chocolate stashed in her bag. Kristen’s last pick for her carry on is a few packages of dandelion tea. You don’t want to get over-caffeinated on your flight so watch your coffee intake.

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