Vegan Meal Prep Recipes For Camping & Home

Meal Preparation
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💁🏻‍♀️In this video, Sherri preps vegan meals for our visit to see the fall colors of Michigan’s upper peninsula.

Video links:

🔗Tovolo Blender Scraper

🔗Oh she glows chickpea salad

Best banana bread Dreena burton

🔗Salad Dressing – plant pure nation

Sherri has checked out a lot of vegan meal planners and the Forks Over Knives mealplanner website/app is easily her favorite! You should be able to setup a trial meal plan for free. These are the recipes from there that you would select from the recipe box:

3-Bean Chili
Charred Vegetables Over Quinoa with Garlic Sauce


Here is a link to my vegan story as told on a mountain top in Moab, Utah: 🔗

Here is Sherri’s speech about our vegan journey:

💁🏼‍♂️Hello, I’m Joe and three years ago I took a motorcycle ride that changed my life, well… our lives. After living years with chronic pain and overcoming it with a plant-based diet, I decided to pack a dry bag on a Kawasaki Versys 650 and Moto-camp my way around Lake Superior.

Upon my return, Sherri quickly picked up on the travel bug that had bitten me and starting digging into YouTube to find a place for us to live lighter, go farther and see more.

It wasn’t long before she found a YouTube video walkthrough of the Safari Condo Alto R1713. We were in. And without ever seeing one in person, we sent in our downpayment 💵.

While awaiting the delivery of our little glass palace, we worked to put our entire small manufacturing business online. And in June of 2018, we did it!

And now after two years and over 300 nights in our little camper, we want to share what we have learned about living lighter and give back to this amazing YouTube community that has provided so much information and inspiration.

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