Benefits Of Going Vegan ♡ Update After 7 Years – Weight, Acne, ADD & More

This video shares some of my results and benefits of going vegan and shares my thoughts and update after 7 years! Sharing weight loss, acne, ADD, vitamins and more. I also give my most important tips for new vegans : )

Disclaimer: This is a short version of my vegan story, just an update video – for the full story watch my vegan story video! For the record, I’ve been vegan for close to 7 years. I’m almost 32 years old and at 22 I cut meat out, then 3 years later I became a full on Vegan. I eat mostly raw food, I cook almost all my meals and every time I cook I make sure to keep it at a low temp – just to warm it up. I slip up and get into bad habits like anyone else, so I discuss that in this video along with how to bounce back.

Thanks for watching! I have made a few videos talking more in depth about my vegan journey, weight loss journey and overcoming amphetamine addiction – links below!

My FULL vegan story (long one!):

How I lost weight on Vegan Diet:

Weight Loss Tips and the Science behind Weight loss/gain:

Quitting Alcohol – Why did I do it 10 years ago?

Overcoming Addiction to Adderall:


Things I love:

DNA Testing – Find out if you have any genetic risks, potential vitamin deficiencies, food allergies, lactose and gluten tolerance etc!

DNA Based Vitamins – Get Vitamins personalized by medical professionals and nutritionists for your needs and your DNA.

Documentaries I love:

Earthlings (free on YouTube!)

Beautiful Truth:

Inspiring Docs & Movies on Netflix: Cowspiracy, Forks over Knives, Vegucated, Fat Sick & Nearly Dead, Food Inc and Okja!

My Favorite Vegan Vloggers & Channels:
Freelee, Rawvana, Raw Alignment, Kalel : )

Follow me & Keep in touch! – For daily instagram stories with vegan diet tips, meals and motivation and photography!


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