Why should we go vegan? How does going vegan help your body? Does going vegan lead to lesser chances of diseases? Are there any side effects of going vegan? Is being vegetarian enough to stop animal brutality? Are cows treated badly so that we can have our milk? Does consuming dairy products amount to animal brutality? How to go vegan?
We answer these questions in the this video and also highlight other benefits of going vegan.

Going vegan and letting go of animal products is the call of the hour. We need to limit our impact on nature and help in maintaining its balance. In this video, we talk about why should one go vegan.
– Reduction in cruelty to animals
– Nutrients present in a meat-based diet, dairy products are easily available in plant-based diet as well
– Animal-based food is always heavier on heart and liver. Switching to plant-based diet reduces chances of heart diseases and the ones transmitted from animals to us
– Why should we let go of convenience and take that first step to stop animal brutality
Considering turning vegan is more important than ever right now given the environmental problems and the pandemics affecting our world and challenging our existence

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