5 Ways Your Body Changes When You Stop Eating Meat

5 Ways Your Body Changes When You Stop Eating Meat.
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For some people, nothing enrages them more than a meat eater. Actress Natalie Portman felt so strongly about the health and environmental consequences of meat-eating that she narrated a documentary called Eating Animals to help educate people of the impacts of the meat industry. But for meat lovers, nothing seems worse than eliminating animal product from their daily food intake.
Cutting out meat from your diet is easier said than done, and those who try find that their body reacts to the change in mysterious ways. Heavy consumption of meat can do more harm than most people realize. Many people blame their health issues on genetics and bad luck, and meat continues its silent destruction. When you make a drastic change to your lifestyle, your body and mind respond.

Rarely do meat eaters consider the long-term consequences of meat consumption: weight gain, higher risk of diabetes, and even cancer among them. But for those who do decide to switch up their diets, they’re in for quite a few bodily disruptions – some great, and others downright frustrating and strange. In this video, we’re going to talk about what happens to your body when you decide to make the change towards cutting meat.

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