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Healthy is in! This cucumber lemonade will surely give you refreshment and health benefits. Want to know how to make it? Keep on watching!

Lemonade is any variety of sweetened beverages that is characterized with a lemon flavor. Similar to other citrus-based products, a lemonade is being promoted as healthy due to its high vitamin C concentration. This vitamin acts as natural antioxidant, anti-inflammatory and metabolism booster. However, its benefits may be limited due to its very high sugar content. A common trend now is the addition of cucumber into lemonade. What a combination! Lemons are sweet and tangy. The cucumber gives off a subtle taste that helps balance out the flavors. Cucumbers are 98% water. Cucumber juice is commonly used in beverages, such as cocktails.

Cucumber lemonade is also now popular as a detox drink. It helps you feel better. In this recipe, we use sugar. But you can also try using honey. Enjoy!

See the detailed recipe here:

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