How to Make My Super Immune Boost Supreme Juice Recipe to Supercharge Your Immune System

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John from shares with you his super immune boost supreme juice recipe using a combination of fruits and vegetables that can help your immune system fight back against illness and keep you healthier in the first place.

In this episode, you will learn how to easily make this immune system boosting juice that can help you stay well throughout the entire year. You will learn the specific ingredients being used and why they are being used.

You will learn the best way to prepare the fruits and vegetables for juicing as well as how to properly order them into the Green Star Pro juicer to get the maximum juice and the best results when juicing.

You will discover why John is using the Green Star Pro to make this juice recipe, so he can extract every last drop of goodness from his organic fruits and vegetables that he will be juicing.

You will discover how changing the color of the carrot you are juicing can change your life You will learn how to minimize turmeric from staining the parts of your juicer.

You will learn more about a special promotion going on right now so you can save money on the shine cold press juicer, the slowstar juicer or the green star pro or green star elite juicers as well as the dynapro vacuum blender.

Finally, John will taste-test the juice and share with you what it tastes like and the best time of day he prefers to drink his fresh juices to gain the most health benefits from vegetable and fruit juice, one of the healthiest drinks on the plant you can put into your body.

After watching this episode, you will learn how to make an immune-boosting vegetable and fruit juice that may help you to fight back against ill-health.

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