Low Carb Vegan Meal Prep!

Meal Preparation
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Today I’m taking you through my vegan low carb meal prep! In total it took a couple of hours. It would’ve taken me less time if I wasn’t filming, because setting up all the shots is pretty time consuming. So if you follow this meal prep at home, you should speed through it pretty fast!

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Meal Prep Hacks –

Meal Prep With Me (simple healthy meals) –

What It’s Like Being a Personal Chef –


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Welcome to More Salt Please! The plant based cooking channel where I teach you how to make some of my favorite foods. I love showing others how delicious and versatile plants can be. Expect to see lots of low carb plant based recipes, mukbangs, kitchen tips and hacks, a wholistic approach to health and wellness, and most importantly – compassion for both humans AND animals ✌????


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