Vegan Protein Hacks – What I Eat in a Day (150+ Grams)

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Follow this video for my high protein vegan meal plan!

I’ll show you how to cook and eat 150+ grams of vegan protein in one day. Who said vegan food is not protein packed!

Watch the full video for plenty of tips and tricks to get MORE volume and variety vegan protein to build muscle!


Breakfast: Tempeh Bacon and Avocado Toast
– Here’s the recipe I used for tempeh bacon:
– Here’s how I made the sourdough bread for the toast:
– Slice the bread, then toast, add a whole avocado (sliced) and then some salt and pepper

Lunch: Southwest Salad
– Here’s the recipe I used for the dressing:
– Other ingredients: spinach, black beans, seitan strips (stir fried with sunflower oil, salt & pepper), quinoa, corn, red onion, sunflower seeds, almond cheese (grated)

Snack #2: Protein Bar
– Recipe I used:

Dinner: Orange Tofu, Sesame Stir Fried Broccoli, and Brown Rice
– Here’s the recipe I used for the orange tofu:
– Here’s the recipe I used for the stir fried broccoli:

– Here is the amazon link to the vegan protein powder I used:

The app I used to calculate the values for protein, carbs, calories is called: “Carb manager”

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