Living A Vegan Lifestyle: Plant-Based Eating with Marla Ablon

Here is a recap video of Marla Ablon’s most recent lecture on plant-based eating.

Presented by Marla Ablon RDN, LD
The presentation begins by describing various eating styles and expanding on current trends. The presentation then covers the evidence-based health benefits of a plant-based diet based upon data from some of the foremost researchers as well as the more conservative dietary groups.

In addition to the many health benefits, living cruelty free and protecting the environment are briefly discussed. Lastly, the presentation covers the more practical side of meeting nutrient needs while busting some common myths, and ends with simple changes to get you started, plus a typical day’s intake when eating plant-based.

Marla Ablon is a plant-based, registered and licensed dietitian/nutritionist who graduated with honors from the University of Texas Southwestern Medical Center of Dallas. With over 13 years of experience, her areas of expertise include evidence based diets for weight loss, inflammatory and autoimmune diseases, chronic digestive diseases and food intolerances. Marla works with those who wish to be vegetarian, vegan or plant-based as well as those who are simply plant-curious. She works with individuals and families of all ages who are seeking out a healthier relationship with food and an overall healthier lifestyle.

Marla’s mission is to meet clients where they are and help guide them toward their long and short-term goals. She has earned Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics Certificates of Training in Childhood, Adolescent and Adult Weight Management and a Certificate of Training in Vegetarian Nutrition. Marla is a member of the American College of Lifestyle Medicine.

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